Our Approach: Total Wellness and Lifestyle Care

The Lifestyle Providers are health, wellness, and transformation experts in your area designed to assist with many health challenges. Through a comprehensive approach of lifestyle, natural philosophy, and health evaluations, the Wellness Providers can help bring hope to your current health goals. You will be given great educational tools that will encourage you toward an individualized health and lifestyle plan.

The Lifestyle Providers Transformation Plan

The Lifestyle Providers work with people just like you, who have the desire to achieve new health goals, create a new lifestyle plan, and achieve a new level of wellness. Many times a new health transformation is the key, which is designed to empower the health choices of individuals. The Lifestyle Providers Team’s goal is bring hope in restoring your body toward optimal health and fitness levels. Our goal is to take you from where you are in your current state of health, and custom design a plan that will transform you into a new, healthier you.

You Will Learn:

  • Evaluate and understand your exact body chemistry
  • Understanding the right kind of food choices, nutritional supplements, and choices that are specific to your body’s needs.
  • Understand the key to feeling well including the key neurotransmitters (brain chemicals)
  • Learn the keys to losing unwanted weight and cellulite

*Learn the keys to challenging the aging process by looking and feeling years younger

  • Understand essential hormones in the body
  • Understand the importance of Reducing inflammation
  • Learn to balance body structure and improve overall fitness

Begin Learning About Certain Health Challenges You Might Be Currently Facing Such As:

  • Poor Fat Metabolism
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Body Aches and Pains
  • Increased Mood and Well-Being
  • Digestive issues
  • Low Energy
  • Unwanted Weight Gain
  • Decreased Physical Performance

The Lifestyle Providers Team

At the Lifestyle Providers, we are your health and wellness experts. Many times people are looking for a health care professional that understands health care from a lifestyle-based perspective. We have connected with a team of trusted professionals from around the country that can help you reach your health goals focused on teaching you how to create a better lifestyle. We hope to be an asset to your primary care physician and help you create a great wellness “team” approach that will create a unique health plan for you to succeed in every area.

Our Team Consists Of: *

Physicians, Osteopathic Physicians, Chiropractic, Physical Therapists, Optometrists, Dentists, Registered Dietitians, Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and other health care professionals.

The Lifestyle Providers usually believe that when the mindset of an individual is taken care of, then the whole person is taken into consideration. Then by adjusting environmental factors such as eating patterns, exercise habits, psychological stressors, and lifestyle choices blocking the way to health. When obstacles to wellness are removed natural strategies are employed to heal, bolster, and increase optimal health.

The ultimate goal of the Lifestyle Providers is to promote a new set of lifestyle goals, improve overall fitness and weight, and design new healthy lifestyle choices to help you strive toward extraordinary health.

* Type of provider in each area may vary


This is one of the most frequent questions asked and is one of the hardest to answer. The reality is that everyone is different and everyone attains their health goals at different rates. We have found consistently that people who are fully committed respond the quickest overall. Remember it’s a mindset.

Depending on which Lifestyle Provider you are working with, the beginning is designed to create a foundation of health from which the rest of your lifestyle choices are built. During this critical period, you will be focusing on correcting your daily choices, reducing stress, improving fitness, removing emotional stressors, working on the structural aspect of the body, addressing movement and your range of motion, as well as generating a healthy pattern for extraordinary living.
 As your information becomes available, a customized health and wellness action plan will be created based on your results. This will include follow-up recommendations. Our goal is for you to live a lifetime of wellness and will support you in the success of you health goals.

* Not available in some states 



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